Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Review: Best or Not?

Affiliate marketing is a jungle as there is so much information out there and it is overwhelming to figure out where to start.

And this overwhelming feeling is one of the main reasons why most people fail in this “Affiliate marketing” game.

I don’t want you to be one of those people who try a few tips and tricks and finally realise that it doesn’t work for me.

Affiliate marketing works 100% you only need the right guidance and strategies that are working now so keep reading.

Imagine making $1,000,000 in Affiliate Marketing Commissions.

Exciting isn’t it?

Spencer Mecham is the first Clickfunnels affiliate to earn $1,000,000 in affiliate commissions and also the winner of the Clickfunnels Dream Car award multiple times.

Spencer Mecham is a legit super affiliate marketer doing $100K a month.

Spencer released his much-awaited course – Affiliate Secrets (where he gives away all his secrets/strategies on how he became an affiliate marketing millionaire).

I personally love this course as it took my own affiliate marketing business to the next level.

This is my Honest review of Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 3.0, where I will explain everything in full detail whether it will help you or not.

So let’s get started!

Who is Spencer Mecham exactly?

As mentioned above that Spencer Mecham is an expert affiliate marketer and an entrepreneur who has achieved great success through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Secrets Review

As you can see his affiliate earnings where he promoted clickfunnels products and software which helped him make $1M in Commissions.

His success gave him the opportunity to be featured as an expert in Clickfunnels prestigious 30-days Summit <<It’s Free to Join.

where each selected expert revealed what they would do each day for the next 30 days if they lose everything or if they were to start all over again.

Spencer Mecham is a legit affiliate marketer as his success speaks for itself. 

He is definitely one of the best affiliate marketers out there to learn from and more importantly, he has a Youtube Channel where he posts videos every week for Free.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is a framework for becoming a 7-figure super affiliate marketer.

Basically, Spencer Mecham revealed all his strategies and secrets which he uses personally in his affiliate marketing journey.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 reveals everything you need to know about a profitable affiliate marketing business from scratch.

His Secrets include SEO and blogging, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and other social media strategies, paid traffic, free traffic (organic), and a ton more.

Over 500+ students earning a hefty $1,000,000+ in commissions. And 15+ dream car winners, all because of his affiliate secrets course.

An inside look at Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Training

The course is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Affiliate Secrets 3.0 (Foundation)
  2. Affiliate Secrets 3.0 (Traffic edition)

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 (Foundation)

I would highly recommend you start with the first part before getting into module 1.

Spencer calls it “The Big Picture” where he explains the fundamentals of affiliate marketing business that most people avoid.

His whole focus is to help you think of it as a long term business, not a one-time thing.

Spencer will teach you how the whole training works step-by-step. So definitely don’t miss the first part of the training.

Module 1: Niche Selection

Niche selection is the most important part of any online business journey.

You have to select a category/sub-category in order to promote affiliate products or services.

His framework will make it easy for you to pick a niche and become an authority in that niche and earn high ticket commissions consistently.

If you think finding a proper niche is hard, don’t worry Spencer got you covered.

He will explain:

  1. How to pick your specific niche?
  2. What you need to consider when choosing a niche?
  3. List of evergreen niches to make high ticket commissions
  4. How to become an authority in your selected niche?

Module 2: Selecting a Product to Promote

Once you’ve finally selected your Niche, it’s now time to pick an affiliate product to promote.

There are thousands of products to promote in every niche.

Spencer will explain the power of being selective and the importance of finding a product that really solves your customer’s problems.

The thing is you can choose a random product and start promoting it online,

but the problem is that you need to identify what your audience problems are and keep that in mind while selecting your product.

He will explain to you the right strategy to find products that are recurring, high-ticket and which gives you the most return.

All you need to do is to replicate his strategy and implement it in your own selected niche.

Module 3: Lead Magnets

Your email list matters the most when it comes to affiliate marketing.

You might have heard before that you have to bring value to the marketplace in order to make money.

That’s true when it comes to creating a lead magnet.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 training emphasizes giving value upfront in order to collect their email address.

A lead magnet is a simple marketing funnel that will help you get leads by offering something valuable for free.

I personally was amazed that Spencer Mecham takes you deep into the secrets of creating a high converting lead magnet.

This module will help you crack the code for high-converting lead magnets and ease the process of collecting leads.

Module 4: Landing Pages

A landing page is necessary in order to collect leads and build your email list.

This module will help you learn everything about landing pages:

  1. How they work?
  2. What are the best landing page software’s out there?
  3. What makes a good landing page?
  4. How to build them?

The main benefit of creating a landing page is to promote your lead magnet and give a freebie and collect emails of your potential customers.

My favourite landing page software is Clickfunnels, and Elementor.

You will learn more about them and other good software’s which will ease your process and help you decide which one suits best for you.

Remember landing pages are important to promote your offer, there are people who just paste their affiliate links shamelessly without even providing any value to their audiences.

But they don’t think of this as a long term business, so don’t just put your affiliate links just to make a commission, give value in exchange for their email address.

Trust is everything in business. Remember that.

Module 5: Email marketing

As we have discussed above on building an email list.

The reason you have to build your email list is that as an affiliate marketer your email list will be your biggest asset.

Social media platforms change their algorithm all the time. Which can impact your business as an affiliate marketer.

When you have your own email list of people who trust you then you no longer have to depend on social media traffic.

This will be one of the most comprehensive modules you will learn from Spencer Mecham.

Spencer will show you exactly his email secrets and the technical part of email marketing like:

  1. Setting up G-suite
  2. How to capture emails
  3. How to build automations
  4. Soap Opera sequences
  5. Email marketing terms
  6. How to connect with your landing pages

Module 6: Magic of Bonuses

Want to know a secret why some people make most of the money in affiliate marketing and most people don’t even make a single dollar?

They use bonuses as a part of their affiliate marketing strategy.

A bonus is used as an incentive in order to increase the perceived value of the offer you’re promoting.

But there’s a way to give and create bonuses.

You can’t just give any random thing to your customer and expect them to buy from you.

There is an art to create bonuses which Spencer is a master at.

This module will take you through the entire process of creating valuable bonuses and where to promote them.

You will learn when to use it, what are the best kind of bonuses etc.

This module will be an in-depth process of super affiliate marketing strategy.

Module 7: JV Launches

JV is joint venture partners or collaborations between vendors and affiliates to promote new big affiliate products.

It means vendors and affiliate marketers will help get traffic to their new product launch and help boost sales.

It’s a highly profitable marketing strategy as you being an affiliate for the new product launch will get the benefit of promoting the product and earning giant commissions.

Spencer will show you how to find JV’s and what you need to do in order to send traffic to their products.

Module 8: Access to PRO Tips

Access + relationships = Profits

Spencer will show you how to gain trust and build relationships with your audience.

The best way to do that is to bring them to your personal ecosystem.

Meaning to give them access to talk to you on a personal level through messenger etc.

This module is totally optional but this will give some ideas on how to get to know your customer more on a personal level.

Module 9: Google Ads

This module is about paid ads, especially Google Ads.

If you want to make the process quicker and get results faster, then this module will absolutely help you do that.

Spencer has explained everything about google ads in such detail that you will become an expert at it when you will start implementing his strategies on Google ads.

I call this module an advanced strategy because it will help you in:

  1. Finding Affiliate programs to promote
  2. Auctions
  3. Keywords strategy
  4. Campaigns and ad groups
  5. On screen demo
  6. Callouts and extensions
  7. Reports and much more…

Don’t worry once you will go through this module all these strategies will become easy to understand.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 (Traffic Edition)

This part is all about how to get traffic/visitors where Spencer will reveal his best strategies to get traffic online.

This part will consist of mainly 4 ways you can get traffic to your affiliate offers which are; YouTube, Facebook, Blogging, and TikTok.

So, let’s get started!

Module 1: Facebook Organic

Facebook is one of the great ways to connect with your target audience and promote your affiliate offers.

It’s also one of the largest social media platforms out there with billions of users.

And you’ll be surprised when you go through this module that there are affiliate marketers who leverage Facebook to make $10,000 a month easily.

Bear in mind this module is about organic Facebook strategies, meaning you don’t have to use paid ads to generate traffic.

Spencer will help you master generating traffic through Facebook organically without paying a dime on ads.

He will reveal his own secrets of promoting his products and services on Facebook through his Facebook profile.

Module 2: YouTube

Spencer Mecham loves YouTube as you’ll see in this module.

YouTube is a powerful platform if you know how to leverage it.

When I say powerful I mean to say that it is best to create a passive income stream.

Spencer has a successful YouTube channel with more than 80,000+ subscribers.

He’s making more than $10K a month just with YouTube videos.

You’ll learn in this module:

  1. Search vs Social
  2. Types of videos that works best
  3. Best Content ideas that gets views
  4. How to create the videos?
  5. Batching all your videos
  6. How the algorithms work
  7. And much more…

Module 3: TikTok

There are so many affiliate marketers who are crushing it on TikTok right now.

It’s the next new social media platform with billions of users already.

Spencer will show you how to leverage this hot new social media platform to your own advantage and make money online with it.

He himself has made TikTok a major traffic platform to expand his affiliate marketing business.

He’s crushing it and he will help you crush it on TikTok if you do what he will show in this module.

The best thing about his strategies is that he shows real-life examples that are working right now which you can leverage and profit from it.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 has changed my affiliate business forever and it can change yours if you will apply what you will learn.

Module 4: Facebook Groups

Building a real community around your personal brand is priceless.

Facebook groups are a perfect example of creating a community of people who will trust you and consider you an expert in your field.

Remember that people buy from people whom they trust.

So, growing a Facebook group will help you connect with your potential customer on a personal level and will help you promote your affiliate offers easily.

Spencer will explain everything on:

  1. Creating your Facebook Group
  2. Finding people to join your group
  3. Growing your group to 1500 to 10k members and more
  4. Post formatting
  5. Facebook lives
  6. How to lead and build trust with content marketing

Module 5: Blogging

Is blogging Dead?

Absolutely Not!

Blogging is still alive and SEO is not going anywhere soon. Blogging is an amazing way to start your own affiliate marketing business.

Including Spencer, there are thousands of successful bloggers who have started their blogging careers and making lots of money every month.

This module is probably the biggest module as it has 61 lessons in total.

So you’re in here for a treat. There are some amazing value nuggets you will learn through this module of Blogging.

This module will be taught by Nate McCallister, entrepreneur and an affiliate marketer who scaled his affiliate blogs to over $100,000 in profit.

Nate will show you all the nuts and bolts of the blogging business and how you can start your blogging journey from scratch.

Spencer and Nate have laid down everything you need:

  1. SEO
  2. Keyword research
  3. Backlink strategy
  4. Choosing a killer domain name
  5. Web hosting
  6. Email Hosting and Theme selection

Basically, after going through this module you’ll have everything you need to become a successful affiliate blogger.

Who Is Affiliate Secrets 3.0 For?

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is for people who want to learn affiliate marketing and start their own affiliate marketing business online.

Spencer Mecham’s proven strategies have got results for thousands of affiliate marketers and including me.

Affiliate Secrets system is the exact system he used to become a super affiliate and made millions from the strategies mentioned in his Course.

Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is not a cheap course.

So, if you’re looking for some free advice on making money online or some get rich quick scheme, then I’m sorry to say this Course is not For you.

But if you’re honestly looking for creating a side-hustle or want to start your own affiliate marketing career and make some serious money then Affiliate Secrets 3.0 is your Answer.

This course is only for action takers. You have to put in the effort and implement the strategies if you want to make money with affiliate marketing.

Click here to Get Started with Affiliate Secrets 3.0

My Final Thoughts

I hope this review has given you a good idea of what is Affiliate Secrets 3.0.

But should you buy it?

Here’s my Honest Answer:

If you’re looking for the best Affiliate marketing training that will help you make money and give you Freedom then look no farther than Affiliate Secrets 3.0

Yes, Affiliate Secrets is not cheap.  But it’s a worthwhile investment to learn the system of one of the best affiliates in the world.

But if you are still not able to decide, You can Watch his FREE TRAINING where you’ll learn more about his story and how he was able to build a business on autopilot.

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